All-in-one HR platform for founders
with dreams and teams

FirstHR is the brand new all-in-one HR platform that will unite all HR processes from hiring to firing in one interface. Forever free for small teams. No card required.

Powerful tools for creating a dream team

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs unite like-minded people and turn them
into superhero teams who create fantastic products and change the world.
Team management

We created FirstHR specially for you

And for your incredible teams.
You are a founder
You don’t understand what team management is, why it is needed, and why it is important.
It's okay, we will help you create your dream team.
You are an HR
You need effective tools to manage and develop your team. And preferably as cheaply
as possible. We will help you with this.
You are a Team leader
You have decided to figure out how to help your team become better. It’s great that you are already on our website.

Your employees will thank you

An employee’s personal account will make team communication much more effective.
One click

Quick and paperless coordination of working hours,
reports, time off, and much more.

Don’t waste time on approvals, correspondence, and signing papers.
Do it all in an organized and electronic way.
You will be very surprised how much free time you will have.

Full transparency in the team. Everything is recorded.

Employees have full access to all their files, documentation, reports, and other corporate information.
No mess, everything is in its place.

Let your best employees shine.

Give motivation and opportunity to your team to achieve personal and company goals.

Detect problems early.

Get feedback from employees, measure their job satisfaction, and make better decisions based on real data.

Automation of routine.

Let your employees work, resolving their issues in a few clicks.

Main features list

Features that will save you time and money.
Team management
Job posting
Free job boards
Applicant tracking
Test library
Career page
Recruit analytics
Candidate database
Onboarding pipeline
Docs signing
Device for newbie
Apps for newbie
Onboarding training
Onboarding analytics
Employee database
Org chart
Absence management
Department management
Team pulse
Company goals
Personal goals
Team analytics
Career page
Recruit analytics
Candidate database
Document pipeline
Docs database
Docs templates
Docs management
Team bonuses
Special bonuses
Benefits management
Cost analytics
Benefits approval
Payroll docs
Payroll analytics
Team expenses
Expenses report
Device management
Company warehouse
Issues reports
Device archive
Broken devices data

Get started now. Everything is ready.

FirstHR does not need to be configured, the platform is completely ready for use from registration.

  • Instant launch
  • No need to pay setup fees
  • Customize the platform for yourself

Your favorite integrations are already available

With our partners, FirstHR makes your work even more comfortable
and efficient.

  • Calendars
  • Corporate messengers
  • Payroll

Create your account now. It's free, and no card required.

FirstHR is free without any restrictions for teams of up to 5 people.

Explore plans for large teams.
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